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The Bonner and Fitz Story so far...

The Bonner and Fitz story dates all the way back to 2000 when Deb Bonner was a bank manager in a Kent branch of a well known bank. A youthful (?!) Russell (mothers maiden name was ‘Fitzearl’) wandered in one day to open an account and magic happened. The rest was history. Well, almost.

Now living down in Cornwall and having been married for the best part of those 20 or so years, Deb and Russ decided to use their combined banking, marketing, retailing and car detailing knowledge to combined use, and Bonner and Fitz was born.

Of course, there are lots of Car Detailing Brands across the U.K and beyond to choose from, but Bonner and Fitz, or Russ and Deb, take pride in hand bottling EVERY single liquid product themselves in their Bude based warehouse, and since 2019, 90% of our packaging has been in re-usable alloy bottles too, demonstrating both Deb’s and Russ’s respect and appreciation of the beautiful environment in which they live by reducing the amount of single use plastics that the business sells.

Bonner (Debbie)

Bonner, or “Deb”, met Russ in 2000 and they married in 2002. At the time of meeting Russ drove a modified Mazda MX-5. In fact, until very recently he still owned 3 rather modified models, but Deb wasn’t really interested in cars at the time. But how times change. At the time of writing, Deb drives a Mk3 RS Focus as her daily, having owned 2 x 595 Abarths, a few MX-5’s herself and other slightly more interesting (than the norm) rides…

After introducing Deb to both Motorsport events (most namely Silverstone Classic, Goodwood and BTCC) and static shows, Deb slowly started to understand what ‘the scene’ was all about and was happy to lend her name, and her time, to the creation of the Bonner and Fitz ‘brand’.

Deb is an ex bank manager. In fact, that’s how she met Russ when we wandered into her Surrey branch one day. But Deb is also often seen trackside and at any trade stand that Bonner and Fitz manage. And Deb is also the main controlling party to the appearance, and fragrance of the Bonner and Fitz range. “There’s loads of car cleaning products out there, but they all mostly smell so boring…”. Spot on. So when you smell our Candyfloss scented Ceramic Quick Detailer, Lemon Tyre Gel or Chocolate Air Freshener…you now know where those ideas were borne!

Fitz (Russ)

Russ has been involved in the car scene for…well, a long time. Having started driving in his teens, Russ’s first car was a Mk3 Capri which he cherished with a passion on those mean streets of South London where he grew up.

Russ went through a range of cars including many he regretted selling (remember the Mk2 RS2000?!) and as his relationship with cars evolved, so did his love of detailing them. In fact, Russ vividly remembers first hearing the term ‘detailing’ in America in 1990 when, along with an ex girlfriend (don’t mention this to Bonner!) they visited a car show in Miami and he bought a book about ‘detailing’. To this day, Russ’s understanding of detailing isn’t just a fancy word for valeting, it’s the extra effort taken to properly clean a car; wheels off, EVERYTHING cleaned. A guy in Miami in 1990 told Russ that a detail took him 2 days, and this is why Bonner and Fitz was created…

Whilst looking for products for most of his adult life that not only ‘did the job’, but did the job well with ‘something extra’, it was decided that, with Russ’ by-now background in branding and marketing, a husband and wife team to sell a range of tried and tested products would be created. Bonner and Fitz was born.

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