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Become a Bonner and Fitz stockist!

The first step towards stocking products from Cornwall’s biggest Car Detailing products company is for us to both have a chat. It’s never happened before, but you may not like us! (unlikely!). Then, once we have agreed to work together, we can get your first order out super-fast and we’ll get you added to our website ASAP too so the whole world can discover you as a stockist.

We respectfully request that your first order is payable before dispatch by invoice and subject thereafter to a credit check, we can often offer up to 30 days of interest free credit facilities too. We accept bank transfers, credit cards and cheques by way of payment (but come on…who still uses cheques?!)

Once you’ve received your first order from us, we’ll create some publicity for you on our own social media channels. Our intentions are to NOT have a stockist within 20 miles of another stockist so by investing in us, we will effectively create a unique territory for you. Occasionally, and if we work with some larger stockists with multiple outlets, it may be possible that one of these outlets may fall within the 20 mile distance, but we will look at every instance if/when this happens before agreeing on new suppliers.

Delivery charges from us to trade are FREE of charge over £100 and just £6.95 below.

Become a Stockist

    Stockist Benefits

    Social Media Exposure

    We ensure that we publicise our faithful stockists across our own Social Media channels. Got an event coming up? Let us know!

    Generous Margins

    There’s no point in being in business if we don’t make a profit, and we respect the fact that our suppliers deserve to earn a decent return on investment too!


    By acting as a supplier for Bonner and Fitz, you will see more returning visitors to your business location for purchases and bottle deposits!

    Brand Association

    At Bonner and Fitz we invest a lot of time in building our ‘brand’. By associating with us, some of our investment could rub off on your brand!

    Amazing products!

    Our products are REALLY good. In fact, we’ve put our names to them. You won’t be stocking any old junk. Oh no. You’d be stocking Bonner and Fitz!


    We’re really serious about the environment at Bonner and Fitz. By selling our range, you’ll be helping reduce plastic waste and even road miles.

    Low Investment

    We do like our stockists to purchase at least 2 of every liquid and wax product so you initially have the full range but there’s no other initial Mininum order.

    Point of Sale Items

    We leave our distributors with stickers and leaflets to hand out to clients and enthusiasts and can help support any special open days etc too.

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      As well as buying online from us today, our products are available to buy in person at every 2021 BTCC meet-up that's open to the public this coming season.