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A ‘Brand Ambassador’ sounds like a bit of a pretentious title and to be honest, until recently we thought so too. But, we’ve worked REALLY hard on our Brand here down in deepest Cornwall and therefore it seemed natural to like to have our Brand associated with public figures who match our values and ethics.

Our Brand Ambassadors aren’t just petrolheads with the same opinions as us though, they are also friends who’ve been with us for at least part of the Bonner and Fitz party. Our ambassadors often have a big social media following and so our products are able to reach a greater audience than would otherwise be possible, without a big-brand budget (which we don’t have).

We’d like to therefore thank our Brand ambassadors for flying our flag and for remaining so loyal to us…

Bonner and Fitz Brand Ambassador

Michelle Lawman

Michelle is possibly recognisable to some of you, but we’ll come to that in a minute. But the reason she is a brand ambassador for us is because she is great friends with both Bonner…and Fitz. In fact, this is where it gets spooky. Michelle met Fitz (Russ) in another incarnation in BTCC when they were both working for the same championship winning team in different capacities. Michelle is an official grid girl for the Cobrasport AmDTuning team and you may well have seen her face on ITV4 standing with one of the drivers (in all weathers!) or possibly even on Breakfast television with Lisa Snowden and ‘Phil’ when she has modelled clothing.

Away from the glitzy world of Motorsport and TV, Michelle is a partner to a chap, and we aren’t lying here…with the surname ‘Bonner’ (no relation). And both Michelle and her partner are BIG into their Cosworths. We mean, who has 2 Escort Cosworths, and who does a nut and bolt rebuild on one that to the rest of us, looked like a show winning car anyway.

So, with a close personal friendship, a shared love of BTCC, and a mutual appreciation of everything petrol related, Michelle is somebody whom we are VERY proud to have as a brand ambassador to Bonner and Fitz!

Bonner and Fitz Brand Ambassador

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