Recommend Our Products and Earn Commission!

Recommend Our Products and Earn Commission!

Since the dawn of our business, we have relied on word of mouth at Bonner and Fitz and we like to think we’ve built ourselves a nice following. We’ve also worked quite extensively with many car clubs up and down the U.K.

Our new affiliate marketing scheme allows individuals, businesses and car clubs to apply for an affiliate account with us. If accepted (it costs nothing!) we would generate unique codes for you to use on your social media posts and internally within your client or club member mailings. If users click and then purchase via the supplied link, our clever software will track the sale and each sale will earn you, your business or your club a handy commission.

This works well for detailers and car clubs in particular who don’t necessarily have the ability to stock our range of products. Whilst the commission for an affiliate recommended sale is less than the margin for business that hold our stock and resell, it’s pretty much ‘money for old rope’. All you need to do is create your own clever ways of marketing our products to your client base or club members and wait for the commission to start rolling in. Simples.

Apply for an Affiliate Account at Bonner and Fitz

Recommending our products and earning yourself, your club or business a commission couldn’t be easier. Please simply fill in your details opposite, and we’ll personally vett every application to make sure we both meet each others expectations.

There’s no targets, and the commission payout threshold is set at just £10. Or, if you wanted to buy some Bonner and Fitz products yourself with your commission, we’ll add another 25% to the payable amount to discount against our products!

Please leave as much detail as you can including how you’d intend promoting Bonner and Fitz. Please note, we will NOT tolerate any spam techniques. If we find any accepted affiliate has spammed or sent unsolicited emails or text, we shall cancel the affiliate agreement without notice and you’ll lose any accumulated balance. But we’re sure you guys wouldn’t do that, anyway!

Our Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.

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